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About Jack Smith

Tamer Wilde grew up in a very creative environment, his mother a fashion designer and his father a classical musician, with a very nomadic life style, constantly traveling and discovering new cultures, Tamer found himself fascinated by art, architecture, music and fashion. Growing up he did not really fit in with his peers, he would listen to his fathers classical vinyl collection and began teaching himself to draw not realizing till later on in life that all of his images were fashion illustrations, depicting different designs taking influence from all the different fashions he had seen upon his travels and combining them in a more contemporary style. Using his mothers sewing machines he began making and customizing clothes. Although he went on to study and get his BA (hons) in marketing & advertising due to his interest in learning every aspect of the industry. 

Tamer is a creative, visual and highly result-orientated fashion industry professional with a record of founding and being part of critically acclaimed and award winning projects. With work featured in Harper’s Bazaar men’s style China, Esquire China, Baku, LOVE magazine, I-D magazine, GQ Style, Wonderland magazine, Stimuli magazine, commercial work for Cutler & Gross and Swarovski including developing the aesthetic identity for Sony music artists.  


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